John Kary


This is what I'm up to lately. The Now page concept inspired by Derek Sievers.

Last Update: December 13, 2017
Current City: Lawrence, Kansas

I plan to move to Kansas City in 2018. I have lived in Lawrence, Kansas going on 15 years now and would like a change. There are more professional and social opportunities there and I look forward to making it my home. The goal is to buy a four-plex, live in one unit, and rent out the other three units with enough cash flow to live rent-free.


Working remotely by writing software for clients in biomedical research, over-the-road trucking, higher education. I mostly work from home, coffee shops, co-working locations and occasionally more interesting places with warmth and sunshine.

I am not currently accepting new software development projects or clients.

Current Experiments

Weight Training; November 2017 - Now. I have always played many competitive sports but never "hit the gym." After many years of passive encouragement from my good buddy Tasson I finally started attending a small sports training facility and work with a personal trainer three times per week. I physically feel great, feel even more self-confident and am seeing positive results toward my goals of gaining weight and muscle mass, and jumping high enough to dunk when playing basketball.

Podcast Brunch Club; January 2018. This group picks several podcasts around a theme, listens to them independently, and discusses thoughts as a group. A local Kansas City chapter sprung up recently and it sounds fun. Primary goal: Meet new people, discuss ideas, make friends.

Past Experiments

Reading children's books on YouTube; Nov 2015 - May 2017. This never saw the light of day. It would have been fun but I couldn't bring myself to publish less than optimal production quality on the produced videos. It became too time consuming to edit. Other ways of recording the page content are possible but preserving the aesthetic and authenticity of hand-holding a book was the goal.

Recent Travel

Denver, Colorado; November 2017. Several days for a disconnected vacation. Friends and I did some outdoor sight-seeing, hiked around a bit and hit a few well-known breweries to enjoy unseasonably nice temperatures on their outdoor patios.

Upcoming Travel

Austin, TX; March 2018. My home away from home. I will be in the Austin area the week of SXSW but not attending the event. Primary goal: escape the likely cold Kansas weather for a solo retreat in solitude.

Seattle, WA; May 2018. Attend DeconstructConf 2018. I attended in 2017 and left very inspired. Looking for more of the same. This visit I hope to take in more of the outdoors.

July and onward. Thinking somewhere international...