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This post is in no way endorsed or sponsored by the companies whose products are mentioned. These are my own uninfluenced thoughts.

I discovered Tom Bihn bags from a post on the Rands in Repose blog. A lot like me, its author is a bag geek. I devoured all the different scenarios and reasons he is picky in selecting a bag. I nodded my head at all of his points, and by the end was picking apart my existing backpack and immediately had a bad case of bag envy. I was sold on the thought of a new bag, and behold, his post linked off to a few possibilities.

Before picking up the Tom Bihn Buzz Sling Bag, I must admit I was guilty of carrying a bulky backpack. I didn't have much of a choice when my previous laptop was a behemoth 17" MacBook Pro, but when I downsized to a 13" MacBook Air in Summer 2012 I wanted a bag that also matched the streamlined nature of the Air.

Bag Requirements

My (new) criteria for a daily computer bag includes the following:

The Tom Bihn site has a limited selection of bags, making it easy to pick one simply based on core bag size. Choosing the Buzz bag over the others was an easy choice.


I could weave these thoughts into prose but they are fairly easy to skim:

What would I change?

I wish the very front of the bag had a stash pouch for small items such headphones, pack of gum, chap stick, nail clippers, etc. Instead I keep several Ziplock bags, one with cables and connectors, another with over the counter medications and similar. I can open the full front zipper pocket and dig deep into the bag without things tumbling out, but wish it was easier to store things more quickly.

Final Verdict

Overall I'm still very happy with this bag. Its streamlined look and low profile make it great for a daily carrier from point A to B or even when flying. It doesn't offer the quick-access pouch I came to rely on with previous bags, but this bag is a keeper and will be my primary bag for years to come.

Sadly this bag design has been "retired" and is no longer available for purchase from the vendor. But if this bag is any indication of the quality of their other bags, I wouldn't hesitate to buy another model.

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