John Kary


As of October 2015 I have returned to contract/consulting under Kary Software LLC. I work remotely for my clients so I regularly travel around the United States (and sometimes internationally), staying somewhere for a few weeks before moving on to another city. I love it! (Unfortunately I'm on a hiatus from traveling to help take care of my mom, who had a brain aneurysm in January 2016.)

Most recently between November 2013 to October 2015 I worked in Kansas City, MO as a software developer in the biomedical research field. Our small internal team built software used by our scientists and staff to facilitate their research into the causes, treatment and prevention of gene-based diseases.

Our primary application was a client-side web application using the ExtJS JavaScript framework and talked to an HTTP API returning JSON built with PHP, Symfony2 framework and many in-house custom components.

I am involved with local user groups and sometimes speak:

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I have always done contracting on the side, anything from custom software development to helping teams modernize their legacy PHP code bases, working better as a team, establish git workflows, setup continuous integration, advocating automated testing and mentoring.

University of Kansas

Before becoming a full-time contractor, I worked at the University of Kansas (within IT) as the team's Technical Lead Programmer. I pushed the team and my co-workers to adopt modern development practices. Our team was the central web development group on campus, responsible for the public-facing presence and various custom web applications used by departments all over the University.


Since 2007 I have been the lead PHP application developer for RapidHire: a truck driver recruitment management software company based in the Denver, Colorado area.

At RapidHire, I have developed a web application system allowing truck drivers to input their extensive job application data and digitally sign their job application and legal documents, all in their browser. The system generates PDFs of all documents, including digital signature on all application materials, providing a fully digital job application workflow. This system allows RapidHire's customers to instantly screen and approve driver applicants without faxing or mailing legal documents to be signed and returned by the driver.

We deploy on an IBM AS400/i5 environment using DB2 and Zend Server instead, of a traditional LAMP stack.

The Beginning…

Web development started as a hobby in 1998 on Chris Escalante's parents' dining room table. Chris and I are still very close friends and continue to collaborate to this day.